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he mission of FRENCH ACCENT is to serve you with prompt and accurate translation of your documents in French Canadian or Parisian French. Other language combinations are possible including English or German as target languages. Whatever language you need, your documents will be handled by a professional translator working exclusively in his/her native language. Each of our partners is trained, certified and possesses the knowledge and experience to meet the needs of today’s individuals or companies.


Over our thirty years of experience in translation, client satisfaction has always been our priority. We work for the Government of Ontario and the Government of Canada as well as for private-sector firms and numerous marketing and promotional agencies such as Maritz Canada.


Your final translation will be sent to you after quality control in the format in which you have sent it originally. Confidentiality is a must.





Once you submit your document or the content of your Web site, it will be translated promptly and accurately. In case something is not clear or has a double meaning, we will contact you to make sure everything is understood.


According to the document type and the destination country, here are our usual references:

If you are a first-time client, please remember to include the number of words in your document, the language pair that you are interested in, as well as any relevant documentation such as previously translated versions, glossaries or lexicons, reference documents, and so on.


Although deadline is often crucial, the quality of the translated document is equally important. That is the reason why your translation will be revised and checked to eliminate any errors and shift of meaning. Translation will be adapted in case the original copy refers to a concept not used in the target language. The final document will be read a last time to make sure all spelling mistakes and other inconsistencies are eliminated.  All these steps are included in the price of the translation.



You will receive a professional looking translated document. The original format will be kept if at all possible.


Please contact us for price inquiries or to receive a detailed quote. We always offer competitive prices.




Although FRENCH ACCENT can translate documents of all nature, here is a list of specialized fields for your convenience:

  • >Government & Policy
  • > Sales and Marketing
  • > Human Resources & Employee Motivation
  • > Corporate Newsletters & Administrative Documents
  • > Tourism Industry
  • > Advertising Slogans & Brochures
  • > Consumer Products
  • > Food Industry
  • > Web Site Translation & Localization
  • > Online Courseware
  • > Blog Posts
  • > Telecommunications


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To send your documents for translation:

Reminder : Always include any references or documentation that could help us translate your job faster and more accurately. Thank you!

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